About Us

Founder of ReadToFreedom.com and its merchandise is author and content creator Mirika Mayo Cornelius, who is also co-founder of Akirim Press publishing house. Having grown up an avid reader, she knows the importance of reading and how it leads to freedom, both intellectually and creatively. She was also aware of how the past laws of America prevented black people from reading and becoming educated. These laws were called anti-literacy laws, and if a black person was caught learning anything in a book or becoming educated, they were hurt and/or convicted.

Because of this knowledge, Mirika wanted to honor those who fought and died as they stood against anti-literacy laws. At the same time, she wanted to promote literacy to the young and old and have the public participate in doing so as well through the Read To Freedom apparel line and merchandise.

Therefore, Read To Freedom is in honor of those who fought for the civil right to read during the anti-literacy laws in America that prevented people of color, black people, African Americans from learning how to read. Many black people who were enslaved acquired their own freedom through learning and knowing how to read, and these shirts acknowledge that reading was and is still a road to freedom.

Read to Freedom is also for the promotion of literacy, and this is why 50% of all proceeds from Read To Freedom merchandise will go towards benefiting schools and school children.

Stay Free, Keep Reading. Read To Freedom.