READ BLACK T-Shirt In Promotion of Black Writers & Authors

For black history month and beyond, Read To Freedom has created the READ BLACK design to promote literacy, honor those who died in the struggle to gain freedom from anti-literacy laws of America and also to promote great well-known and new black authors and writers who have written and are writing in a variety of categories to entertain and educate, both fiction and nonfiction.

Read To Freedom READ BLACK T-Shirt at

African American writers and authors have fought to be heard and read in more than one genre of writing. Now is the time we promote all categories of African American writing from horror, noir, hard boiled to sci-fi along with historical, urban and that’s just fiction.

There are even more categories of nonfiction ranging from academic textbooks, how-to books and more.

Visit the ReadToFreedom Shop and shop READ BLACK to promote reading! Remember, there is no category of reading that has to be popular over another. We can support them all as long as the LITERATURE is powerful, entertaining and great! Expand your reach and read!

*Shirts available for men and women*

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